Dr Michele Murphy

BA (Hons), M App Psych, D Psych, Dip Clin Hyp, MAPS

Dr Michele Murphy

BA (Hons), M App Psych, D Psych, Dip Clin Hyp, MAPS



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Michele has worked as a psychologist for over twenty years and has had extensive experience working in the public and private sectors. She has been able to achieve an interesting variety in her psychological practice which includes: individual; couple and group therapy; educational seminars; teaching; professional supervision of Masters level psychology students and organisational consulting. She has also coauthored a book on stress and anxiety management.

Michele’s therapeutic work has involved counselling children, adolescents, adults, couples and families across a range of issues. She believes in establishing a collaborative and respectful relationship with the people she works with and aims to build on the resources the client already has. Michele believes that good therapy often involves guiding people to access their own strengths and enabling them to reconnect with their own knowledge and confidence.

Michele challenges "taken for granted" ways of being and thinking that may be blocking people from reaching their true potential in terms of health and enjoyment of life. Michele works to provide the tools for people to help themselves and consults in ways that not only make therapy useful but also enjoyable, challenging and ultimately life changing.

As a psychologist, hypnotherapist and family therapist, Michele is trained to deal with a wide range of emotional issues. She has a broad view that takes into account the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of the individual while paying close attention to the sociocultural context of the problematic issue.

Michele draws on various therapy models including: cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, constructive living and mindfulness based cognitive therapy. Her ability to draw on several theoretical models of therapy increases her flexibility to meet the particular needs of different clients.

Michele strongly believes in the benefits of a collaborative relationship between General Practitioners and herself in order to meet the health needs of her clients.

Michele enjoys her work immensely. Her strengths include her ability to be “down to earth” and to speak with people in ways that help them think differently. She uses a gentle style of questioning that invites people to consider issues in ways that often result in a greater sense of wellbeing.


1988 - Bachelor of Arts, The University of Adelaide

1989 - First Class Honours in Psychology, The University of Adelaide

1991 - Master of Applied Psychology, The University of Adelaide

1991 - Registered Psychologist, SA Psychological Board

1994 - Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis (Two Years)

1995 - Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy (Two Years)

2001 - Doctor of Psychology, University of South Australia


Australian Psychological Society

Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists

Australian Society of Hypnosis


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